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Apa itu Urantia Book ?

Urantia Book adalah sebuah buku yang unik, karena penulisnya adalah bukan manusia. Penulisnya adalah sebuah tim gabungan terdiri dari beberapa puluh pribadi roh dan malaikat. Tim ini dipimpin "seorang" Konselor Ilahi dari ibukota alam semesta super kita.  Buku ini adalah wahyu. 

Urantia Book Softcover (dari Amazon Online)Tebal buku ini 2097 halaman dalam bahasa Inggris (tulisan aslinya memang dalam bahasa Inggris). Terdiri dari 196 paper atau makalah. Ada pribadi roh yang menulis satu, dua, atau lebih paper.

Sepertiga buku ini, sekitar 770 halaman ditulisUrantia Book paperback, klik untuk memperbesar oleh satu tim makhluk-tengah (midwayers). Di bahasa Indonesia sulit dicari padanan katanya, walaupun kita kenal memang ada. Ketika menyebut midwayers sebagai jin, banyak orang Kristen memprotes, jadi digunakan istilah makhluk-tengah (di tengah antara manusia dan malaikat). Tulisan para makhluk-tengah ini adalah catatan riwayat hidup Yesus ketika hidup di dunia. Jauh lebih lengkap dan urut dari Injil Alkitab. Sumber data utamanya adalah ingatan manusia yang menyaksikan, kemudian makhluk-tengah yang juga menyaksikan, dan terakhir sebagian kecil adalah dari alam roh. Jadi bisa dibayangkan lengkapnya. Pemerintahan alam semesta merekam setiap peristiwa, bahkan setiap pikiran manusia yang bernilai kekekalan ! 

Bagaimana Diwahyukan?

Urantia Book diwahyukan pada tahun 1934-1939 di Chicago, 533 Diversey Parkway, USA. Penerimanya adalah sebuah forum, sekelompok orang sekitar 30 orang terpelajar, dan disampaikan dengan bantuan seorang makhluk-tengah. Paper demi paper disampaikan sebagai jawaban atas pertanyaan Forum itu. Teks aslinya masih disimpan, dan setelah diedit dan diketik, diterbitkan tahun 1955.

Ceritanya dicantumkan sebagian berikut ini (bahasa Inggris dan dikecilkan agar menghemat tempat). Untuk artikel selengkapnya Anda klik disini :

Cerita pewahyuan Buku Urantia :

Dr. William S. Sadler (1875-1969), physician, surgeon, psychiatrist, professor, and author of forty-two books, was a man of unusual abilities. He was a popular lecturer on Chautauqua platforms and promoted modern medicine and mental health issues through talks, magazine articles, and books. As a result of this effective advocacy, he and his wife, Dr. Lena Sadler, were frequently asked by friends and acquaintances to host an informal group where medical and social issues could be discussed. Accordingly, the Sadlers started a Sunday afternoon tea in the mid 1920's, which became known as"The Forum," where such topics were examined and sometimes debated. In time the Forum came to be composed of professional people: doctors, lawyers, dentists, ministers, and teachers, along with individuals from all walks of life -- housewives, secretaries, farmers, and common laborers. 

One Sunday a Forum member asked Dr. Sadler what he thought about a psychic medium who was drawing large crowds in one of the local theaters. Dr. Sadler replied that he had investigated many such psychics and found they were either dishonest frauds or sincere but self-deceived people whose subconscious mind activity led them to believe they were getting knowledge from the spirit world."Then," he added,"there is one that I haven't figured out yet." They, of course, wanted to know about this person, later called"the contact personality," and Dr. Sadler shared some of the information gathered since 1911. 

For a number of years he and a small group of associates, called"the contact commission," had the opportunity of testing and verifying the content of unusual forms of distant communication. They were trained and familiarized with the technique of communication and information imparted by the alleged extra-planetary personalities, later known as"the revelators." Through such a sharing of information, the agenda of the Forum was virtually taken over by the revelators. 

Around this time, a personality who claimed to be a student visitor to the planet challenged the contact commission saying,"If you people realized what a high spiritual source you were associated with, you would stop making these puerile investigations to detect fraud and ask some significant questions about the nature of reality and the universe." Dr. Sadler took this message to the Forum and suggested that they take up the challenge by writing questions which could be taken to the revelators. They agreed to do so, and the many questions submitted were organized by Dr. Sadler. The first question presented was,"Is there a God; and, if so, what is he like?" In response they received five papers which the revelators requested be read to the Forum and kept in Dr. Sadler's office safe. 

Soon after the first Urantia Papers were presented, the revelators requested that they form a closed group. Each member of the Forum was asked to sign a pledge which read:"We acknowledge our pledge of secrecy, renewing our promise not to discuss the Urantia revelations or their subject matter with anyone save active Forum members, and to take no notes of such matter as it is read or discussed at the Forum meetings, or make copies or notes of what we have personally read." Membership tickets were issued and the charter membership numbered thirty. From time to time new members were received into the Forum after being interviewed by its officers and signing the pledge of secrecy. During the Forum's existence its membership rose to a total of 486. Members of the Forum were permitted to come to 533 Diversey Parkway and read the papers, but they were never taken from the building. 

The original papers were handwritten. Handwriting experts agreed that it was not the writing of the human individual whose superconscious mind was used in some way in the materialization of the papers. They were requested to have these original papers typed and carefully checked by the members of the contact commission. Whenever the original papers were typed and checked, the originals in the locked safe disappeared. 

Occasionally, after papers were read and placed in the office safe, they disappeared. When the contact commission inquired about this disappearance, very little explanation was given beyond the fact that it was their decision to withdraw the paper. Other papers were altered after being read to the Forum. For instance, one of the papers stated that the apostle Nathaniel had"a good sense of humor for a Jew." The members of the Forum chuckled at this comment. The next time they obtained this paper from the safe, they discovered the phrase"for a Jew" was deleted. The assumption was that they were required to read these papers to the Forum so that these higher beings could observe human reaction to the material presented. In this manner the papers composing The Urantia Book were received in the mid 1930's. 

In 1939 members of the Forum were asked for volunteers who would be willing to meet on Wednesday evenings to seriously and systematically study the Urantia Papers. Seventy persons expressed their desire to join this class, and they became known as"The Seventy." The seventy were trained through papers and by directives from the revelators and by Forum leaders up to the time of the publication of The Urantia Book. Special emphasis was placed on the evolutionary nature of the acceptance of new truth and the danger of using mass media and revolutionary methods in presenting the message of the Urantia Papers to our contemporary culture. 

When permission to publish the Urantia Papers was given, the revelators stated that they regarded The Urantia Book as a feature of the progressive evolution of human society. The book belongs, they said, to the era immediately following the ideological struggle in which they saw our planet involved. Early publication was granted so that leaders and teachers might be trained and translations of the book could be published in other languages. Various instructions were given for the publication of the book including the procurement of an international copyright. 

In preparation for the publication of The Urantia Book, the Urantia Foundation was established by a Declaration of Trust under the laws of the State of Illinois on January 11, 1950. The Foundation is managed by a five member Board of Trustees who are appointed for life terms. The trustees' duties and responsibilities are defined in the Declaration of Trust. Among the most important of these are the publication of The Urantia Book and preserving its text inviolate in perpetuity. 

When the Foundation made an appeal to the Forum members for funds to cover the first printing of 10,000 copies, the response was immediate. The cost of the first edition was around $75,000. The book is printed at the Crawfordsville, Indiana plant of R. R. Donnelly and Sons Company, and was published by the Urantia Foundation on October 12, 1955. (from Urantia Book  Fellowship, Website The Urantia Book Fellowship).

Jadi Buku Urantia bukan ditulis oleh manusia, walaupun diketik dan diterbitkan manusia. Teks aslinya adalah tulisan tangan, masih utuh tersimpan di kantor pusat Urantia Foundation di Diversey Parkway 533, Chicago, kunjungi site utamanya di  

Jadi berbeda dengan kitab suci agama lain yang ada, kitab ini benar-benar diwahyukan dan diterima apa adanya, tidak diubah oleh manusia. Versi bahasa Inggris adalah versi asli, langsung dikarang oleh para makhluk roh. Buktinya ada disimpan, dan buku itu siap diteliti isinya. 

Apa Isi Urantia Book ?

Urantia Book berisi 196 paper, 2097 halaman :

31 paper mengenai Allah dan alam semesta besar,
24 paper mengenai alam semesta lokal,
62 paper mengenai riwayat Bumi dan riwayat semua agama serta filsafat utama Bumi,
76 paper mengenai riwayat hidup Yesus di dunia, 2000 tahun yang lalu.

Buku ini diawali oleh Allah Trinitas dan diakhiri oleh riwayat hidup Yesus. Susunannya dimulai dari yang paling jauh ke hal yang paling dekat, dari yang paling sulit dipahami sampai yang terapan.

Buku ini berisi antara lain :

Uraian tentang suatu topik, misalnya Sorga,

Buku ini ditulis dengan gaya populer, sehingga mudah dimengerti. Tidak ada yang bermakna ganda atau yang kabur. Tidak ada yang dengan gaya puisi. Tidak ada juga dengan kiasan. Penulisannya apa adanya. Tetapi ada beberapa topik-topik tertentu, penulisnya mengatakan bahwa itu sengaja tidak diwahyukan. Mereka mengatakan itu memang disengaja agar manusia menganalisis sendiri. Over-revelation itu tidak baik, katanya. 

Beberapa paper pertama Buku ini membahas tentang Allah yang Esa, yang satu, tetapi berpribadi tiga (Bapa, Putera dan Roh). Apa fungsi dan wilayah masing-masing, apa sifat-dasar dan nama Allah, sifat-atribut Allah? Penjelasannya tentang Allah bisa dimengerti dan konsisten! Ingat, buku ini bukan buku Kristen, ada banyak kebenaran di sini yang tidak pernah diajarkan di gereja manapun dan jauh lebih lengkap dari Alkitab Kristen !

Bagi yang suka menganalisis, akan menarik jika Anda mau melakukan cross-check terhadap buku 2000 halaman ini. Kumpulkan data dari semua bagian dan bandingkan apakah ada yang tidak konsisten. 

Bagi yang suka sejarah, buku ini akan sangat menyenangkan. Bayangkan, Anda bisa membaca kisah hidup Yesus dari saksi-saksi mata, demikian pula riwayat penciptaan Bumi dan evolusi panjang masa purba, binatang, sampai mulainya manusia pertama, mulainya peradaban, asal mula semua agama dunia, riwayat dan analisis plus-minus mengenai agama itu, asal mula pemerintahan, hukum, moralitas, ekonomi, ..... pokoknya lengkap. Yang menarik lagi adalah riwayat dari saksi mata (malaikat) tentang kejatuhan Lucifer, Satan dan Iblis (Penguasa Bumi); apa motif mereka, apa akibatnya, status mereka, dan hukuman apa yang menantikan mereka. 

Ada yang ingin tahu malaikat dan dunia roh ? Boleh. Ada banyak paper membahas klasifikasi para pribadi roh, asal mereka, apa saja pekerjaan dan fungsi mereka, dimana mereka ada, apa hubungannya dengan kita. Alam semesta ciptaan Allah jauh lebih rumit dan lengkap dari urusan perusahaan kita, pemerintahan, PBB dan seluruh dunia ini. 

Ada yang ingin tahu kematian ? Ada beberapa paper membahas tentang apa itu kematian, kemana perginya kita, apa yang kita alami dan karir kita setelah pergi dari dunia, kemana takdir kita. Bagaimana syarat agar selamat? 

Masih sangat banyak yang belum dituliskan, termasuk siapa itu Yesus sesungguhnya, siapa itu Roh Kudus, siapa itu Yang Mahatinggi, bagaimana takdir planet dan alam semesta, bagaimana struktur Firdaus (Sorga) dan alam semesta, bagaimana pembentukan materi dari energi, ilmu fisika nuklir dan astronomi-kosmologi yang paling lengkap, ruang dan waktu, dan masih banyak lagi.

Link berikut ini adalah untuk daftar paper dan isinya lengkap, yang ada di website Urantia Foundation.

Urantia Book Online

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Agama Apa Yang Dibawa Buku ini?

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Bagaimana Memperoleh Buku ini ?

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