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A Statement of Principles for
Urantia Brotherhood
Meredith Sprunger
May 8, 1983
Recommended Urantia Brotherhood Goals
Meredith Sprunger, 1975

A Statement of Principles for Urantia Brotherhood

I. Urantia Brotherhood should be governed by the majority decisions of its members. All official activities and all activities sponsored or promoted by the Brotherhood should be harmonious with these decisions of the majority.

II. Majority and minority opinions should be presented as effectively and persuasively as possible; but no attempt should be made by the majority or minority to use authoritarian or coercive methods to get members of the Brotherhood to conform to their philosophy or actions.

III. It is proper for the majority or the minority to privately or publicly disagree with the philosophy and/or actions of individuals and/or group.

IV. It is wise to permit great freedom of thought and action within the membership of the Brotherhood. Minorities should hesitate to withdraw from the Brotherhood simply because they disagree with the philosophy and/or actions of the majority and should probably not do so unless it prevents being loyal to higher personal spiritual guidance. Majorities should hesitate to remove individuals from Brotherhood membership and probably should not do so unless the philosophy and/or actions of such individuals is inimical to the basic purposes and values of the Brotherhood and their continued membership seriously threatens the future welfare of the Brotherhood.

V. In facing the issue of public ministry all of these principles may be severely tested. Evolutionary readiness for Fifth Level ministry will be differently interpreted. Although it is probably wise at this point in time to advise people to use Fourth level approaches in public ministry and low key, private ministry in Fifth Level outreach, some people will arrive at a position where they believe this limited approach is both unwise and contrary to their highest spiritual guidance. We must allow these people to follow their authentic spiritual guidance and highest wisdom. We cannot prevent such public ministry even if we tried; we can either cooperate with it or disassociate ourselves from it.

VI. We should not use scare tactics; but we must be realistic. This public ministry will cause opposition and bring confrontation. We must face it with as much love, courage, and wisdom as possible. Since there are those whose spiritual guidance and highest wisdom leads them to engage in public ministry, it is much better for us to creatively anticipate the problems associated with public ministry than to engage in various styles of avoidance behavior.

VII. We are now at a period in the Urantia movement when we can expect public involvement. Various people, some of whom we have never heard of, will start different kinds of public ministry. Some will start congregations using The Urantia Book as scripture. Others will engage in various kinds of mass media outreach projects. Although we should strive to advise and guide these people according to our best wisdom, the social dynamics of history demonstrate that such public involvement will come. It may begin in this decade.

We should prepare ourselves, psychologically, for any eventuality. It is generally assumed that we live in a day when physical persecution for religious convictions is past; however, it is impossible to predict how fanatics may react. Therefore, we must be psychologically and spiritually prepared for whatever may happen. This could be a time of testing and many of the half-hearted and the fearful will turn away. We need to face the future not with fearful timidity or by trying to avoid the inevitable cost of discipleship, but meet it with equanimity, confidence, and courage.

Recommended Urantia Brotherhood Goals

A Service of
The Urantia Book Fellowship